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Elevating the Marketing Pipeline with Digital Innovation

Elevee Penthouses and Residences is the latest integrated living project from the Indonesian property developer Alam Sutera. Located right in the middle of a bustling township in Tangerang, the apartment was designed as a one-stop solution for its residents’ convenience, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Defining Problems

A Large Sales Force with Inadequate Marketing Channels

Property developers utilize a large sales and marketing team to promote their upcoming projects before the completion of its construction. The Elevee marketing team consists of over 100 members working on commission, with no clear way to track individual sales agent’s contacts and conversion.

A Multitude of USPs

Elevee was marketed as a one-stop solution for all living, entertainment, and convenience needs for its residents. As a result, the apartment has a large amount of unique selling points to be marketed, each with its own images, descriptions, and location. The large amount of information makes it unsuitable to put all of these USPs in sections, requiring an innovative solution.

Our Solutions

Agent Management System and Personalized Sales Links

Balkat implemented a centralized Agent Management System to the site to enable each sales agent to generate their own unique link to the Elevee website, enabling easy tracking of potential client’s point of contact and agent performance, as well as preventing takeover of sales from one agent to another.

Integrated Interactive Maps with Virtual Tours

Elevee’s website features three custom-made interactive maps that displays information on each location within the apartment complex. In addition, select locations are featured with 360 virtual tours for a more immersive experience.

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