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The Complete Branding Package

Cawang AC Pro is a national air conditioner manufacturer, a subsidiary of Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia. As a brand, Cawang AC Pro is marketed as a wholly local product, with over 60 years of history since its establishment by the entrepreneur Thayeb Mohammad Gobel.

Defining Problems

Low Brand Awareness

Cawang AC Pro, first established as a radio and television manufacturer in the early 1960s, had operated on-and-off throughout the years, and is virtually unknown to the general market and especially the younger audience.

Unclear Strategy

The company and brand had no clear strategy for its product and brand, with unclear target and brand awareness strategy, and no digital presence. The company focused mostly on sales partnership with electronics dealers – making it difficult to reach the general public.

Our Solutions

A Complete Branding Suite

Our team compiled a full suite of brand identity – a revamped logo, documents, and physical merchandise for Cawang AC Pro. In addition, Balkat also managed the content, design, and execution of Cawang AC Pro’s website, social media, and advertising materials. We worked closely with the client’s marketing team to deliver high-quality content and improve their brand strength for the digital age.

Digital Marketing and Sales

Balkat expanded Cawang AC Pro’s market reach through a series of digital advertising campaigns, in addition to helping Cawang AC Pro in establishing a direct sales channel through online marketplaces in Indonesia.

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