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June-December 2021

Joining the Mix with an Interactive Website

Mixmax is one of Indonesia's few locally-made alcoholic beverage brand, a product of Orang Tua Group, a major consumer goods manufacturer and distributor in Indonesia. Mixmax has a wide array of products, including multiple flavors of vodka mix and a coke-and-whiskey beverage.

Defining Problems

A Legendary Brand with No Digital Presence

Mixmax had been marketed for years and is well-known in Indonesia's alcoholic beverage market. Its products were easily obtained, as they were sold virtually anywhere alcoholic beverages are sold. Nevertheless, Indonesia's advertising laws inhibit Mixmax's ability to reach new consumers through conventional advertising, and the company needed a new approach for the digital age.

Our Solutions

Art Direction and Design

Balkat designed a brand-new website for Mixmax, with integrated audiovisual elements suitable for the young adult market. We also renewed Mixmax's product photography to ensure future-proof quality for their website and catalogue.

Website Development

Developed from scratch, Mixmax's website used numerous custom elements, constructed in such a way to deliver an interactive and interesting experience in high performance. The website also included integrations with online marketplaces and Google Maps for the users to easily find and purchase products.

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